iCon-MESSSH’20, Penang, Malaysia

5th International Conference on Management, Engineering, Science, Social Science and Humanities

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ByAdmin Aug 9, 2020

iCon-MESSSH’20 Schedule

The updated minute-to-minute program of the conference is available. Click  on iCon-MESSSH’20 Schedule  (above) to download. The timings ar

ByAdmin Jul 22, 2020

iCon-MESSSH’20 Publications

The registered and presented papers of iCon-MESSSH'20 will be published in following Scopus Journals managed by Horizon Research Publishing subje

ByAdmin Jun 25, 2020

iCon-MESSSH’20 Advantage

SRD is pleased to offer discounted listener registrations for iCon-MESSSH'20 along with membership as follows: Listener registration fee USD

ByAdmin Jun 6, 2020

Online iCon-MESSSH’20

The SRD conference iCon-MESSSH'20 which was to be organized Penang (Malaysia) on 14-15 August 2020, will now be organized online due to critical

ByAdmin Feb 1, 2020

Prof. Shri Kant

SRD welcomes Prof. (Dr.) Shri Kant as adviser in technical committee. Prof. Shri Kant has 40 years of academic and research experience in wide v

ByAdmin Jan 7, 2020

Dr. Garry Tan Wei Han

SRD welcomes Dr. Garry Tan Wei Han as Advisor in Technical Committee of SRD conferences.  Dr. Garry is outstanding researcher, Educator (with mo

ByAdmin Jan 2, 2020

Keynote Speaker Dr. Chong

The Keynote Speaker Dr. Chong Hon Yew of the 5th International Conference on Management, Engineering, Science, Social Science and Humanities (iCo

ByAdmin Dec 7, 2019

Prof. Xiao-Zhi Gao

SRD welcomes Prof. (Dr.) Xiao-Zhi Gao from University of Eastern Finland, Joensuu, Kuopio, Finland as new member of Technical Committee. Prof. G

ByAdmin Nov 28, 2019


Society for Research Development welcomes newly appointed Co-Chairs: Dr. P. R. Marasigan, Dr. Manu Pratap Singh, Dr. J. C.  Patni, Dr. Venus

ByAdmin Sep 7, 2019

Publication iCon-MESSSH’19

The selected papers of iCon-MESSSH'19 are now available online https://www.ijitee.org/download/volume-8-issue-10s/ All 18 papers published i

ByAdmin Jul 20, 2019

iCon-MESSSH-19 Program

Minute-to-Minute program of iCon-MESSSH-19 is available now click at iCon-MESSSH-19 Program

ByAdmin May 17, 2019

iCon-MESSSH-19 Update

The International Conference iCon-MESSSH-19 is being organized in association with AIBPM (Association of International Business & Profession

ByAdmin May 15, 2019

iCon-MESSSH-19 Update

The important dates of last round are extended as: Abstract/Paper submission : 30 May, 2019 Acceptance Notification : 05 June, 2019 Registrati

ByAdmin Oct 7, 2018

ICRTSTMSD-18 Papers, Aug 04-05, 2018 (Bali, Indonesia)

International Conference on Recent Trends in Science, Technology, Management & Social Development (ICRTSTMD-18) August 04th - 05th 2018, B

ByAdmin Sep 9, 2018


4th International Conference on Management, Engineering, Science, Social Science and Humanities (iCon-MESSSH'19)  Phuket, Thailand After th

ByAdmin Jul 30, 2018

Conference Schedule ICRTSTMSD-18

The Minute-to-Minute program of the International Conference ICRTSTMSD-18 is available now. For information click here